Dear Jane,   To your inner healer.    WOW!     Love,    Barbara Brennan

Jane is a wise soul with the ability to transform lives. She is highly attuned and generously shares her insights and love.     Rich and Yvonne St John-Dutra

I don’t have to tell you what a magical, mystical healer you are! I’m still feeding off my visit with you.     Anonymous

Jane supports others in becoming their best selves – so that we may go out and support others in becoming theirs.
Laurie Bodine

Thank you again – You are my angel on earth helping God take care of me and my family. May God continue to bless you Jane.     Love, Janet

Jane Church is a touchstone on my spiritual journey and a blessing in my life. Anchored in deep wisdom and purity, Jane invokes her God gifts to mentor clients to their highest good. She works from vast intentions of love and light and her integrity is impeccable.     Brandon Brown, Dallas, Texas

One day, a few years ago you gave my sweet mother a magnificent evaluation and helped me find an approach to her problem that helped her very much in a very short time. I remain impressed by your skills and I thank you.     Anonymous

I have experience of many “body workers” over the years including several who do Cranial Sacral. This woman is amazing. She totally over-delivered on my expectations based on our shared intention of my having Cranial Sacral Work done to help cure me from Lyme Disease. Now I have to recalibrate my own 1-10 (best) scale for measuring results of practitioners. And there are really only two words to describe her approach and how she works “Amazing Grace”. I could of course be wrong, but I find it hard to imagine any of the other referrals being close to her competencies and “value”.     Ian McGowran to Gary Blier of Advanced Cell Training                                                            

Miracles happen every moment as I lay quietly on the table and Jane works. I usually feel like Humpty Dumpty when I finally honor myself and schedule an appointment. But in her wisdom and with pure powerful love, not only does she put me back together again, but I am complete…completely healed, completely balanced, completely in my truth and without question, aligned with God and my inner wisdom. Thank you Jane, for sharing your special gifts.     Anonymous

The name Jane Church in our family brings thoughts of joy, healing, encouragement, support and love. She has healed our bodies and hearts and supported the goals of me, my children, their spouses, their children and friends for the past ten years. We are so blessed to know her and have her in our lives. There is a skip in our step and a lightness in our hearts because of one very special woman named Jane Church.     Anonymous

Jane was referred to me by a friend when I was going through a very rough time in my life. Jane responded to my call for help immediately and her incredible assistance still resonates with me today. She has so many spiritual and healing gifts available to her that it is difficult to describe or explain what she does but, trust me, it’s magical. I am forever grateful to Jane and the work we have done together. I have consulted with her on several occasions.     Anonymous

Many thanks for your love and energy. I am truly blessed to know you. It’s a good life.     Husband

I appreciate you touching my life. I feel that you are an angel, who has sent me on a course of spiritual and physical healing. I am leaving my plateau and climbing to another peak.     Wife

Jane, I’m happily telling the truth with love and manifesting joy and love in the world. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family.     Grandmother

Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with us this year so that we could all share in the joy of self-discovery and enlightenment. You have been a blessing in our lives.     Mother

I would not have my health and spirit if it wasn’t for Jane Church. You are so amazing.     Daughter

One of our family’s goals is to live life in balance with a healthy body, mind and soul. In today’s world, living in a state of balance can be challenging and even more challenging and rare is finding someone who can holistically support and guide you back toward that state of balance. Jane is definitely that rare guide. What is so wonderful about Jane is that her special gifts of vision, knowledge and skill are applied in a balanced and caring way. Even more amazing is her uncanny (and might we say very accurate) ability to “see and sense” what we need before we see it in ourselves and to guide us back on the path toward balance. Over the many years that we have known Jane, she has assisted our whole family (parents, children, siblings, nieces/nephew) in finding our way back toward a healthy balance with generosity, kindness and love. It occurs to us that what Jane does best is to help us remember and re-discover our “best selves”. Jane, thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us whether we are near or are far.     Anonymous

I have found Ms. Church’s work consistently insightful and very helpful. As a full-time musician, teacher and composer, I appreciate her direct experience in the arts as I attempt to sort through the messy business of creativity in community. Her ability to ascertain subtle information from my body is always inspiring. Sincerely,     Michael Smolens    www.SecondSightMusic.com      (510) 649-7993

Dear Jane:
Today I feel wonderful – my mind is clear, I know what is to be done. My father has passed on and I feel at peace now. He too must feel that way. Everything is just falling into place. Thank you  for seeing into my confused body and mind. I feel honored to be your friend.
Shaharra (my horse) thanks you too for you came to her and made her well and comfortable in her ailing years. I sometimes now have to tell her to act her age!
Let me know if there’s anything I can ever do for you – the simple things.
Warm Regards, Carol

If you are looking for a healer, teacher, mentor and bodyworker that will heal your life, Jane Church is the one you should choose to work with. I have been working with Jane for over nine extraordinary years now, and my life has changed in the most amazing ways. When I first met Jane, I was taking medication for panic disorder, I was working in a high-stress job I didn’t enjoy, and I was overweight by about 30 pounds. Her energy healing techniques healed my anxiety disorder and her heart based work helped uncover that part of me wanting to express itself in a more passionate field of work… Energy Healing! Now I look and feel great and have higher energy at age 52 than I did twenty years ago. I am more enlightened about my life choices, and I can’t wait to get to the next step in my awakening.     Debbie W., Dublin, CA     www.bluestarcrystals.com

Jane Church is a healer of the highest order. She not only has the highest credentials of any bodyworker or wellness practitioner I’ve ever worked with, she is also a gifted clairvoyant and mystic who has worked several miracles in my life. She has a direct connections with Source and can answer your deepest soul questions fully, in a neutral, clear way. My work with Jane over the years has been incredibly helpful because she has aligned my body while aligning my life mission with my highest vision. Seven years ago I came to see Jane because I was having panic attacks and couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. I was over stressed out as a school bus driver in San Francisco, and too afraid to leave that job to pursue my passion as a full time magician. Jane helped me to breathe again and put things into perspective. She was like a respirator at a time when I literally couldn’t breathe. The first time I worked with Jane nine or so years ago, she was able to pinpoint the clusters of negative energies in my aura. These energies were draining my own vital energy and holding me back. Jane showed me how to release them for good.  She gave me physical exercises, affirmations and a healing. The last time I worked with Jane was perhaps the most powerful of all. My life partner of 11 years and I were at a crossroads and weren’t sure if we were going to make it. In just one 2 hour session Jane saved and reinvigorated the relationship. We asked any question and Jane would go inside, and essentially listen for God’s answer and relay it to us. She also made adjustments to our physical and energy bodies, gave us homework to continue the reinvention and gave us one whopper of a healing. Our relationship has deepened into a soul collaboration I could never have imagined thanks to Jane. If you are lucky enough to get to work with Jane consider yourself truly blessed. She is a highly trained practitioner who also happens to be a clear channel for potent divinity. Her work must be experienced to be believed. Please feel free to call me and I will tell you all about the wondrous healing I have experienced with Jane Church.     Heather Rogers,  Magician / Speaker / Corporate Entertainment Specialist    heather@heathermagic.com     (415) 824-4220

Lady Jane’s Song

Lady Jane
Spins love with hands supple, strong,
Long-fingered in their deliberate dance of Grace,
Grace, to free the soul in clay imprisoned long,
Grace, poured through her heart to fashion firm
The truer me, named, Child of God.
Lady Peace
Obedience marks her days in Truth outlined,
A finer line I’ve yet to see.
She beckons me to join her in this dance
That love alone defines,
With each new step unholy lies are left behind.
Lady Love
Knows her Lover’s name, rests in his heart alone.
This woman child born of pure delight.
With holy hands, she reaches in to his abundant store,
Spreads wide Love’s gifts to all who would come home.
Thank you, Lady Friend,
Your life a blessed gift to me, I celebrate your birth in joy.
Join Heaven’s merry dance this day,
Laugh loud with Holy Three.
Lift up your heart in freedom’s song, my friend,
True Love has set you free.

I love you Jane ~ Always ~ Pauline

copyright 1995 Pauline Houston







G. S., age 3
G.S., age 3

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you. Each session is unique and beyond measure.

Thank you for your reflections.

In Truth with Love,  Jane Church

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